A wooden boat, built in 1924. A view of the coastline, dotted with pastel houses, nestled and stacked like toys around the beach, receded in the distance. The shorts, a formal and transgressive uniform for the salty wind. Here, away from the fixedness of land, they were in situ with the relief of home. Through a peep hole between his arm and towel, the yellow umbrella of the fruit stand on shore became a tiny sun amidst the washed out cliffs. The canvas whipped, and then froze, arching into a quiet sail.

The French Boat Shorts are made of black cotton twill. French interior seams and two side pockets are lined in black silk charmeuse. The shorts have a flat horn button closure at the waist, and a darted back, that mold the garment to shape to the body.


Machine wash cold inside-out, gentle cycle, hang dry.
100% Cotton Twill

French Boat Shorts—Black Twill

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made in Los Angeles