A miniature counterfeit sun, an artificial fire, augmented to last beyond the transience of a natural burn. Lamps are healing, small electric reminders of our ancient relationship to light and heat. Sitting so politely on its table, a lamp collects a million years of history, stuffed into an object, clicked into an amber glow. That very human habit, to harness energy, to store and contain it. In its quiet, shaded illumination, even objects wonder about the possibility of revealing the poetic within the very terms of our own destruction. 


The Gathered Lampshade in Tile is made by hand from our custom-printed Italian silk crepe. Shades have a Pembroke silhouette and a standard spider-washer fitting in brass. Shades are made-to-order and take 4 to 6 weeks from the time order is placed. Due to the custom nature of this product, all orders are final sale.


100% Silk Exterior, Brass Fitting

Gathered Lampshade—Tile

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