A light switched-on, tempered by its gathered bonnet. A split personality, like Janus cast in stone. Painted glaze bleeds and freezes on a ceramic platter. An artist who stole everything with their eyes and gave it all back with their hands. Dreaming from the perspective of objects. The eyes, in profile, watch their ribbon-tied shoes dance on a checker board floor. Navy blue. Sandwiched inside the shade of a linen shirt, between fabric and skin, lies wet hair that held the marks of an oversized-plastic comb. Eyelashes like inky little brooms. The squares of a block print pressed too hard seep out of their lines; a small but decadent act of defiance.


The Gathered Light Bonnet is hand-made of The Glass House’s Italian, custom-printed linen. Bonnets have a Pembroke silhouette and a standard spider-washer fitting in brass. Bonnets are made-to-order and take 4 to 6 weeks from the time order is placed. Due to the custom nature of this product, all orders are final sale.


100% Linen Exterior, Brass Fitting

Gathered Light Bonnet—Visage

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