Of course, there is the institution of the thank you note, but more importantly, there is the note that marks the absurdity of scribbling scratch on paper or punching out symbols on computer keys. It is the note that exposes the futility of words ... It pulls them up out of that sloshy corporal ink pot of your wet, liquid heart (if you let it), and forms them into a sculpture of words, a gift package of what you would want them to know, but have not said. These are just cards, with the imprint of light from certain times and places recorded. However, if an emotion can turn into a tear and fall out of your eye, imagine what words strung together can turn into.

Set of eight letter-press greeting cards on matte cream paper, with tipped on photographs and vermillion envelops. Packaged in an eggplant purple box. Made by hand in Los Angeles.

Greeting Cards—Futility

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made in Los Angeles