They wore red tights for the occasion of an existential crisis. Accepting their weight, the foam of the couch recoiled into familiar obedience under its drab velvet skin. They closed their eyes and remembered a plant in the garden of childhood: “Lamb’s Ear.” The child pulled a leaf, and then regretted the small violence of the tear, not yet conditioned to ignore the brutality of casual detachment that would inevitably dull the vulnerable edges of youth. The leaf, with a hovering fuzz of soft sage hair coating its body, did indeed recall the warm weight of that small lamb she had once held. It’s fast little heart, its heat, its nervous eyes, and most particularly its ridiculously helpless ears— those marvelous, fresh silk triangles. To hold a little life was a very precious thing. The tights held her, her jacket held her, the couch held her, and she held this lamb, this plant, this memory. She spun-out again, into the worlds of these objects and the unknowable sprawl of all the hands that had touched their making, yet the burden and gift of this weighed too heavy today. She got up, buttoned her jacket, and dialed a familiar number, with equal parts dread and relief. 


The Lamb’s Ear Jacket is made of a custom Italian bouclé wool, lined in black silk, cut with lace ladder insets, and fastens with flat horn buttons. The jacket has a slightly puffed sleeve, Peter-Pan collar, and hits at the waist, like a contemporary coat of soft armor.


       Due to the intricate nature of this garment, these jackets are crafted on a made-to-order basis. Please allow four weeks for construction and shipping. Please note: All made-to-order garments are final sale.




Dry Clean Only
100% Wool Bouclé
100% Silk Lining

Lamb's Ear Jacket—Black Wool Bouclé

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