He remembered a landscape, or was it many, culled into the collage of a single image. The density of a thick mousy sky and fog, the familiar quench of electrolyte-green grasses that feed on grey English air. It was in this landscape that he first took note of the phenomenon of a cheek that reveals its emotion in the flush of blood— a beautiful gore, gathering in pink biological abandon. He circled around the memory, trying hard not to rupture its delicate casing, until he could land on a thought decades away from there, from her. It’s true, she was at the dinner that night, and like so many in that room, who had different lifetimes of this and that together, theirs too was buried, carefully wrapped in shame and time. He placed it down, and wondered if he would ever be able to treat that one gently. 


The Landscape Skirt is made of The Glass House’s custom printed Italian silk-chiffon and is backed with a silk lining and bindings. Flat horn buttons trace the front of the skirt and slight gathers from the waist shape the garment. Please allow two to four weeks for garment construction, once order is placed.


100% Silk

Dry Clean Only

Landscape Skirt

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made in Los Angeles