The light switched on. A distorted, fleshy, synthesized experience, with the far off feel of a dream. The prose of Oscar Wilde, filtered through the speaker of a Japanese department store. The shape of grandmother’s pant leg, its correct fall in the sad promise of the grocery store aisle. A million jars at attention, waiting for no one in particular. Still, in all this, there was hope to be strange and free, to touch something of daily life, with its sublime melancholy, its gregarious cacophony, unordered, at times unbelievable, and often wonderful. The sound of a sigh, without processing if it’s elation or exasperation.

The Rhodes Blouse in Black Silk Frizzante is made from vintage black silk brocade with covered buttons at the front closure, which lead to a pleated organza swirl collar dotted with pearl beads.


This garment is crafted on a made-to-order basis. Once purchased, please allow 4 weeks for construction and shipping.


Dry Clean Only.
100% Silk Brocade

Rhodes Blouse—Black

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made in Los Angeles