A series of hurried, truncated notes filter in from beyond the living room. Arthur Russell's "World of Echo," but rubbed with sandpaper, and doused in a chemical bath. A loose cadence falls into place, like the summer, when chance tumbled into a shape that you hadn't yet recognized as the feeling of love. Amidst technology’s mechanized drive towards efficiency, an unlikely joke that exposes the humane. Two bodies, countries away, awake at night, who will, years later, know the quiet sounds of the other in the abandon of sleep. Cello chords, strung together into a distorted, fleshy, synthesized experience; both the far-off feeling of a dream you can’t quite recall, and the visceral immediacy of lips too close to the microphone.

The Rhodes Blouse in Cornetto is made from a sheer plaid cotton-silk, with covered buttons at the front closure, which lead to a pleated organza swirl collar dotted with pearl beads.


This garment is crafted on a made-to-order basis. Once purchased, please allow 4 weeks for construction and shipping.


Dry Clean Only.
79% Cotton, 21% Silk

Rhodes Blouse—Cornetto

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made in Los Angeles