The duck's neck looked too thin for its body— too vulnerable to pile onto such a fat stack of a torso. It waddled toward the water, casting a sidelong glance at an uninvited audience. With a single, sloshy plunge through the lake's glassine veneer, it sailed towards the center, collecting all of its awkwardness into a temporary grace, its neck pulled into position effortlessly, like so many trained dancers. The woman watching from the shore knew, that just beneath the polished, watery surface, the duck’s jurassic feet paddled frantically to escape her. She bit into a nectarine that gushed onto her hand, and thought that it was very hard to say things that weren’t already said best elsewhere. She would not write anymore today. 


Jude The Obscure Dress is made of our custom-embroidered, sheer, semi-iridescent organza. A floral motif is set off by silk charmeuse French seam-bindings. Covered buttons line the front of the garment, and a seamed bodice allows for a fitted or roomy torso depending on the chosen size and desired fit. The garment can be worn over a slip, as a jumper over a dress, shirt, or paired with our Jude the Obscure Shirt for a long-sleeve version. Once order is placed, please allow four weeks for construction. 



Dry Clean Only.

70% Polyester Organza, 30% Nylon


Jude the Obscure Dress

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made in Los Angeles