The bow was armor, a silk of melted rage, redirected, decorative. The curling twangs of Prince’s “Erotic City.” They clipped it in their hair. That power was thought to appear in this or that form, was precisely the problem. Today it would be shaped in a billowing bow that, in all of its liquidity, was something of an iron suit. The dye collected at the corners and edges, exposing a red center. Three bows tied of silk; not a fetish, but the thing itself. 

The Triple-Silk-Bow Barrette is made of hand-dyed silk sewn into three stacked, draping bows, fastened to a brass clip. Starts to ship December 5th.


Spot clean only.
100% Hand dyed Silk charmeuse

Triple-Silk-Bow Barrette—Prince

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made in Los Angeles